Band Bio

'No Good Sons' are a four-piece rock & roll band hailing from Newbury Berks

They have a vision - To play no frills, good time Rock ‘n’ Roll! Mixing everything they love about music... Huge influence of the new southern American scene, the sleazy fun of Motley Crue & L.A. Guns, the heavy grooves of Kyuss & Monster Magnet, and the southern blues style of Z.Z.Top, not your average mix! All making a very unique sound the band love & hope you will too!

After a couple of line-up changes drummer Screaming Blind Mike (ex Junction XIII) and Lead Guitarist Martin Pawley (ex Firestate & also the bands producer through MSP Productions) joined to complete the 4 piece.

After the success and number one slot on Amazon Rock’s Download Chart of “Revelations” the much anticipated follow up album “Sin Reprisal” is Now available on all Digital platforms, along with Rolling around and My Demise Videos Singles via out YouTube channel.

With an increasingly growing fan base, NGS can be seen gigging at many venues across the south with some prestigious bands such as veteran rockers “The Quireboys”, newly signed “Gorilla Riot”, RHR Hutchinson, and the up and coming “Building Giants” to name a few, all fantastic guy’s keeping the NWOCR scene alive.

For all Gig inquires please contact the bands Manager - Tom at or through our or website or Facebook page.

Bands History - After knuckling down in a rehearsal room and working for about 18 months to hone their songs and write what would become their debut album “Revelations of a Whiskey Soaked Past” Bloody mindedly refusing to let anyone hear even a snippet of their music until they were satisfied that they were good enough to unleash themselves onto the general public.

When the trio felt that they were ready they booked some shows in their small Berkshire town of Newbury and were stunned by the reception they received. Within a few months No Good Sons had acquired an almost rabid fan base and were packing out the local bars at every show and had people asking them for some recorded music...they decided that it was time to record an album!

They hired a talented local producer, Mr Martin Pawley (MSP Productions) to produce the album and headed back to the studio. Martin was a perfect fit for the band, after a few months of serious hard work decided that he would like to join on a permanent basis as lead guitar. This not only filled out No Good Sons sound but also felt like the perfect fit...the band now felt complete.

After a year of hard work, the album was finally finished and on 9th December 2017 their debut album 'Revelations of a Whiskey Soaked Past' was released. Amazingly, the album shot straight to number one on Amazon's Rock download chart! Within a few weeks U.S and Australian radio had picked up on 'Revelations of a Whiskey Soaked Past' and started to put many of the tracks on rotation. A few stations even had the album as their album of the week!


Watch this space y'all, this is just the beginning........'

Special thanks to Martin @ MSP Productions, Laura @ Redtop Images, Tom Hynes, Neal @ The Monument, Martin and Rich @ Livewire and all our friends and families for the support.

NGS Line up

Ken - Lead Singer, Rhythm/Lead Guitar


Martin - Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals & Producer


Mike - Drums and Percussion


Simon - Bass Guitar