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No Good Sons

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No Good Sons 



U.K. based rock band No Good Sons are proud to announce their third full length studio album… ‘III’.

This follow up to the bands 2019’s well received album ‘Sin Reprisal’ is due for worldwide release on 10th March 2023! 


No Good Sons third album is by far their most open, honest and personal album yet. 


Written and recorded during the pandemic, the band found themselves digging deep and finding a much darker vibe and an emotional openness not yet explored fully on a No Good Sons album!


This is evident from the start with opening track ‘Squeeze’ and it’s desperate and lonely cry for help, continuing through the album’s centrepiece the epic ‘Taking Names’ with it’s honest look at the things we all turn to for that fleeting moment of happiness to the album’s closing song of redemption ‘Stranger In My Hometown’ which reminds the listener of the small things that actually do bring us happiness.

As with the previous No Good Sons albums there is a narrative that flows through the album and takes the listener on a journey with all the peaks and valleys therein as well as the wide range of musical styles the band are known for. There’s darkness but also much light to be found on the album such as the up-tempo, funky second track ‘Southbound Greyhound’ and the catchy ‘Bad Decisions’ through to the breathless ‘Between The Lines’!


As always ‘III’ was recorded, engineered, produced and mixed by Martin Pawley at MSP Studios. This time around the band opted for a more ‘stripped down’ and organic sound in order to really let the lyrics and song writing shine through.


Please feel free to listen to the attached album and should you wish to you’re welcome to play any of the tracks on your radio station or review the album.


No Good Sons ‘III’ track listing:


Southbound Greyhound

Bad Decisions

Someone Like You

Taking Names

Between The Lines


Stranger In My Hometown


We really hope that you enjoy listening to ‘III’ as we did making it. Should you wish to book us for an interview, book us for a show or just want to say hi just drop us an email at


Thanks in advance



No Good Sons

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